1. How to read this Manual

Before installing your BSCW server you should read at least:

This should be sufficient to install the BSCW server and carry out the initial configuration of the server. If you have problems with the installation and initial configuration process, you should read the respective sub-section of

depending on your operating system.

See also

Chapter 10: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In general, this should give you enough information to get your BSCW server up and running.

The BSCW server is initially equipped with a license which allows usage and testing of the BSCW server for a trial period of 90 (ninety) days. After 90 days, the BSCW server is no longer fully usable (except for a few fundamental operations such as the upgrade license operation). Therefore, if you decide to use the BSCW server for a longer period, you need to acquire a license. The acquisition of licenses is described in BSCW license. If you have problems when upgrading your BSCW license, you should also have a look at the respective entries in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact OrbiTeam (support@orbiteam.de).

The BSCW server has a considerable number of configuration options. If you have gained some experience with usage of the BSCW system you should read chapter 5 Configuration of BSCW Servers to find out what configuration options are available and whether they could be used to satisfy the requirements of your users better than the default settings as specified in the code you downloaded. Additionally you may want to enable some extra packages.

See also

Chapter 6 BSCW Packages for a detailed description of the additional BSCW functionality provided in package extensions.

In general, the administrative overhead for running a BSCW server is very low. In fact, you may install and configure your BSCW server such that you practically never need to bother with administration. Most likely, however, sooner or later you may have questions such as “How many users are registered at my server?”, “How can I rename or delete a user?”, or “How can I restrict the creation of workspaces?” Answers to such administrative questions can be found in chapter 7 Administration of BSCW Servers and in chapter 10 BSCW Server Administration.