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Get BSCW for free

BSCW Classic or BSCW Social for FREE

Installation on your in-house servers at no cost



  • School or university (training and education purposes)
  • Private individuals (up to 5 users)
  • Small projects / companies (up to 5 users)


  • BSCW Free is limited to a selection of basic features:
    document management, communications, Wikis
  • Support for server problems is not included

BSCW training courses

To make it particularly easy to get started working with BSCW, we recommend that our training staff familiarize your team with best practices in the daily use of BSCW. In times of Corona, the events can also be easily conducted in the form of video meetings.

  • Introductory session (2 hours)
    An all-around view of BSCW. What can BSCW be used for? Which features are hidden under the surface?
  • Practical exercise (3 – 4 hours)
    How do I create a project area? What is the best way to communicate on documents? How can tasks be coordinated?
  • Administrator Training (3 – 4 hours)
    Train your technical staff on best practices in managing the server and its users.
  • Individual training (from 2 hours)
    We show you how to map your company’s processes in BSCW to optimize workflows.

Cost overview
Basic price of the introduction: 350 €
Basic price of the practical exercise: 700 €
Basic price of administrator training: 700 €
Basic price of the individual training: 350 € per hour
All basic prices plus 20 € per participant per hour
To complement the introduction, we recommend that you book an additional video recording of the event: € 700
Introduction (2h) for 12 participants: 830 €.
Introduction (2h) for 8 participants + video: 1350 €
Exercise (4h) for 10 participants: 1500 €
Exercise (4h) for 15 participants: 1900 €