I reached the limit of my disk space - what shall I do?

The disk space that an object occupies is accounted to the quota of the owner of the workspace the object is contained in (and not to the quota of the creator of the object!). This is the reason why

  • your quota doesn't decrease when you upload files to a shared workspace you are not the owner of.
  • you are told by the system to ask another user to delete files. This other user is the owner of the workspace you want to upload files to and his quota is exhausted.

There's a soft and a hard quota. You may exceed the soft quota temporarily for some days. Afterwards it is not possible to upload files to the workspaces anymore. You may never exceed your hard quota.

In order to be able to upload files to a workspace, the owner of the workspace must have enough free space. Ask the owner of the workspace for help if needed. He may be able to delete some files. Usually there are unused files in the trash and in the clipboard. To empty the trash proceed as follows:

  • go to [Trash]
  • select all files
  • press [destroy]

If this doesn't solve your disk space problem you may ask your system administrator to provide you with more disk space. This is not possible on the public BSCW server at http://public.bscw.de.


  • Disk space limiting is set per user.
  • Disk space accounting concerns all workspaces you are the owner of.
  • Disk space accounting is updated, whenever some user creates or deletes documents in your workspace
  • You may check your quota as follows:
    • Choose Options > Profile > Show.
    • On the info page you'll find all necessary information about used disk space and quota.
    • You may check your quota in MB (Megabyte) and the amount of currently used space.


Keywords: quota, disk space limit