How do I configure my web browser?

In general it should not be necessary to perform special configuration in your web browser when using BSCW with an up-to-date browser. However, if you encounter problems while working with BSCW you should check the configuration of your web browser.

Most problems are related to caching. The web browser should always contact the BSCW server before using pages from the cache. Please ensure the following settings:

Firefox: View all configuration settings by entering 'about:config' in the location field. Set the value ("double click") of browser.cache.check_for_frequency  to 1.
Internet Explorer:  Choose in
    "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" >
    "Temporary Internet files" > "Settings" >
    [x ]Every visit to the page

You should disable the feature "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Advanced" > "Browsing" > "Show friendly HTTP error messages" (otherwise IE displays meaningless error messages).

Opera: choose in preferences

    "Tools" > "Preferences"
    Check documents: [Always]

Please mind, that depending on your web browsers version the above mentioned
configuration procedures may differ!

Hint: Make sure that the clock on your computer is set correctly. Otherwise synchronization between the BSCW server and pages in your local cache may not work correctly.


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