Helper application for direct editing

Direct Editing

BSCW allows the direct editing of documents, i.e. opening, editing and saving the document from the Web browser, in different ways:

  • for text and HTML documents: by using editors integrated into the Web browser
  • for Microsoft Office documents with Internet Explorer: by using WebDAV
  • for all types of documents: by connecting to a local helper application
Usage of the local helper application requires the following two steps which are described in more detail below:
  • Installation of the local helper application
  • Configuration of the BSCW preferences

After execution of these steps you may directly edit the types of documents you desire: select the action Edit (in the Change menu) for such a document, and the helper application will start the local application corresponding to the cocument type (e.g. Microsoft Word) with the particular document.

Installation of the Local Helper Application

BSCW supports as local helper application the Zope External Editor Client. This application is also used for the content management framework Zope. The Zope client is available for the Windows platform. After download and installation, the Zope client is ready to use; all the usual document types are preconfigured. If you are using a specific network connection (e.g. a proxy server), you may have to further configure the Zope client (see  README).

 For installation of the local helper application, please download the Zope client for Windows:

 url  Download Zope External Editor for Windows

After having carried out the installation, log into BSCW and change your personal preferences according to which document types you want to directly edit.

Note: the Zope Client is not developed by OrbiTeam Software, but by developers of the Zope/Plone community. The software is provided under the Zope Public License. OrbiTeam makes available for download a copy of the Zope Client for Windows from the Plone Website. The official distributio of the Zope Client is on the Plone Website:


Configuration of the BSCW Preferences

Open your personal preferences in BSCW via

  • Options / Preferences / General / File Handling
Under External editors, select those document types for which you want to activate direct editing with local applications, e.g. Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, via the Zope client.

Trouble shooting

MFC DLL for Zope Client is missing

The Zope client requires a certain dynamic linking library of Microsoft, the so-called MFC DLL. If a respective error message appears during installation or execution of the Zope client, you should download and install this DLL on your system. You need the  mfc71.dll (1,060,864 bytes) - copy this file to the System32 directory of Windows.

Proxy Server

If you are using a proxy server, you have to configure the Zope client so that it also uses this proxy server. Under Windows you can very easily edit the configuration file of the Zope client (ZopeEdit.ini) by starting the Zope client from the Start menu. Check your local proxy configuration in your Web browser (or ask your system administrator) and enter the deatils into the configuration file of the Zope client (proxy, proxy_user, proxy_pass).

Note: Zope External Editor Client is (c) 2008, Thierry Benita, Jean-Nicolas Bes, atReal, Casey Duncan and Zope Corporation. All rights reserved. For further details see README. The software is provided under the Zope Public License (ZPL) Version 2.0 - see LICENSE.