Shared Group Hosting

Simple collaboration on a shared BSCW server

BSCW Shared Group Hosting

BSCW Shared Group Hosting is ideally suited for smaller work groups or short-term projects.
This hosting option combines full flexibility with attractive cost benefits.

If you choose BSCW Shared Group Hosting, your users have access to a BSCW server operated by OrbiTeam  ( that allows you to create workspaces, share documents and coordinate projects.


  • Full flexibility (minimum of 1 user and 3 months)
  • Immediate access
  • Low costs

Range of Services

The following services are included in the price for BSCW Shared Group Hosting:

  • Provision and maintenance of the BSCW server hardware
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of the BSCW software
  • BSCW server license for all registered users (variable)
  • 1 Gbit/s Internet access to the BSCW server (guaranteed bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s)
  • Provision of the most recent version of the BSCW software
  • 2 GB disk space per user 
  • Unlimited data transfer volume
  • Secure server connection using SSL technology (high-grade 256-bit AES encryption)
  • Daily data backup
  • Online support via e-mail hotline


OrbiTeam charges the customer a monthly usage fee of  €5 for each registered user. In addition, a one-time set-up fee of €9  is assessed for each registered user.

All prices are quoted exclusive of value added tax (VAT).

Storage Capacity

The monthly fee includes 2 GB storage space per user.

Terms and Conditions

The minimum contract duration is three months.

Billing normally occurs on a quarterly basis. Discounts are applied to invoices paid six months or one year in advance. 

Price calculation

Number of registered users:

Monthly usage fee:    €

Total cost per year (incl. one-time set up fee):    €

All prices are quoted exclusive of value added tax (VAT).