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User Registration

90-day access to the BSCW demo server (demo.bscw.de)

Use the following procedure to register for access to the BSCW shared workspace demo server:
(carefully read the information in its entirety before registering):

  1. First enter a valid e-mail address in the input field below and confirm by clicking on "Register".
  2. The BSCW server will automatically send you an e-mail notification. This can take from a few minutes to several hours depending on your network connection.
  3. The e-mail notification contains additional instructions for completing the registration.
    Please read the e-mail in its entirety and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you have followed the instructions contained in the e-mail, the full functionality of the BSCW server will be available.

Note: This demo server can be used to evaluate the BSCW system for 90 days at no charge. Except for restrictions on the amount of data that can be managed, the full functionality of the BSCW server is available. The demo access will be automatically deactivated after 90 days. Please keep in mind that is not possible to migrate your data from the demo server to a production BSCW server. You may only perform document transfers. In case of misuse, OrbiTeam reserves the right to deny access to the demo server without further notice.

Important: Please ensure that you enter a valid e-mail address in the field below. Entering an invalid e-mail address will prevent you from receiving the notification and completing the registration process.


Please enter your e-mail address to register!