License Pricing: In-house BSCW Server / Professional Enterprise

own serverThe price includes a one-year license with full upgrade support, which means the customer acquires the right to use the software for one year including all updates (new versions) during the one-year license period.



Small business or project group

An architectural office that uses BSCW to manage construction projects: 20 users: € 999.00

Mid-size company / multiple projects / external partners

A business concern that manages its external sales partner relationships using BSCW: 50 users: € 2,499.00

Large enterprise

Service industry company with locations distributed throughout Europe that uses BSCW to maintain important corporate data and for departmental and location workgroups: 300 users: € 8,999.00

Included in your licence:

  • Source code for the BSCW server software

  • Free upgrade to new versions of the BSCW server software during the one-year license period

  • Source code for the BSCW configuration files

  • License key for commercial use of the BSCW server for one year for the desired number of users

  • BSCW online help facility

  • Problem resolution in case of faults with the BSCW server software during the license period

  • E-mail support for the BSCW system administrator during the license period

 Licenses can be customised to reflect a specific number of users upon request. Discounts are available for extended license periods upon request as well.

The minimum license period is always one year and the minimum number of users is 10 (corresponds to the number of registered users on the BSCW server).

Special conditions

Schools and universities may upgrade to BSCW Professional by acquiring a low-priced Campus license. Government,  non-profit and research organisations may qualify to receive special conditions when licensing the BSCW software (Government license). Please contact us if you think your organisation might be eligible. Below you will find several  pricing models, including the corresponding fees. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a firm offer.

Reseller conditions

Special BSCW reseller conditions are available through OrbiTeam. Please contact us for additional information.