BSCW server licenses

Licenses for Operating an In-house BSCW Server

own serverOrbiTeam offers licenses for operating your own in-house BSCW server. The BSCW server software is installed and operated on your servers (or your provider).
A BSCW server license includes the right of use, all version upgrades and bug fixes as well as continuous technical support (BSCW Professional only) during the license period.

BSCW is available in two flavours: BSCW Free and BSCW Professional.

BSCW Free licenses are provided free of charge for schools and universities (educational purposes only), private persons and small organisations (max. 5 users). No technical support is provided.

BSCW Professional offers the full range of BSCW functions (in contrast to BSCW Free). The license fees are based on the maximum number of users that can be registered on the BSCW server (i.e. named users). The number of licensed users can be increased at any time during the license period.

 License Comparison

                   BSCW Free  BSCW Professional
 Licence type
 Home  Educational  Campus  Government  Enterprise     
 Feature set basic basic complete complete complete
 max. users
5 1,000 as required, starting at 200 users
as required, starting at 10 users as required, starting at 10 users
 Eligible customers private persons and small organizations
 schools and universities
 schools and universities
government and research organizations
enterprises of any size
Restrictions leasing, re-selling prohibited
educations purposes only
leasing, re-selling prohibited leasing, re-selling prohibited none
(commercial use allowed)
Technical Support
no support
no support
full support
full support full support
Documentation online help online help
online help online help online help
Licence fees
 free  free  special conditions (upon request)   special conditions (upon request) Enterprise fee-based