Upgrading the BSCW system

General information  

Upgraded versions of the BSCW software contain not only new features, but also improvements. We therefore recommend that customers upgrade to the latest version.

The software is available for download.

Note: Additional information regarding upgrading your BSCW server can be found in the "Upgrading" section of the administrator manual.

Technical information

Please note that the installation of a new BSCW version requires that you also upgrade to the most current Python version, assuming the new BSCW version does not support the existing Python version. New Python versions can be installed parallel to an existing, older version of the BSCW software, however. 

The current BSCW version requires Python 2.7.

Note: Upgrades are possible only with a valid licence!

Upgrade procedure

First check to ensure that you have the required software (BSCW and Python versions). If necessary, install the required Python version. Finally stop the BSCW server and create a backup copy of the software.

As a rule, the upgrade occurs simply by installing the new version on top of the existing BSCW installation. Follow the steps below, depending on your operating system.

Upgrade under Unix

First download the BSCW distribution archive according to your Python version. To upgrade an existing BSCW instance run the installation script as superuser ("root"):

# tar xf bscw-5.2.?-4????-py27.tar.gz
# cd bscw-5.2.?-4????-py27
# ./install.sh

The installation script looks for the BSCW system user "bscw" (resp. requests the user name of your BSCW user account), installs the BSCW 5.2.x distribution and locates all BSCW instances. Next select the BSCW instance to upgrade.

Upgrade under Windows (Windows Server 2016/2012/2008)

Before upgrading a BSCW instance ensure to install the "Python for Windows Extensions" (pywin32) at least with Build 214. To upgrade an existing BSCW instance on Windows start the BSCW setup procedure by double-clicking


This will (re-)install the BSCW 5.2.x distribution files in the given location and start the BSCW instance setup program. To perform an upgrade, select the BSCW instance to be updated.


After upgrading your BSCW system, configure the new BSCW version where applicable. This is done by editing the configuration file ("config.py"). Further information regarding upgrading and configuring your BSCW system can be found in the administrator manual.

Special technical modifications

Depending on your prior BSCW software version, an upgrade may result in specific technical changes such as to the configuration or system functionality. For this reason, it's imperative that you review the version upgrade notes provided in the administrator manual.

Note: When upgrading your BSCW server on a Linux system you must make sure that a working C compiler (gcc/cc) is installed.

Download Software

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