Unix Server Installation

Tips for installing the BSCW server software

The BSCW server software can be installed on either Windows or Unix operating systems. Please observe the requirements for the respective platform as detailed in the following sections. The software required is available via download.

BSCW Server Software System Requirements (Unix)

The BSCW software operates on a web server together with the Python open source programming language. For Unix, you will need a standard web server and the Python interpreter. The following components are required for a Unix-based installation:

  • Apache web server (version  2.4)
  • Python interpreter (version 2.7)
  • access to a mail server (sendmail or SMTP)
Note: To take advantage of the automatic email notification feature, you will need access to a mail server (sendmail or SMTP).

The BSCW software operates on numerous Unix systems including:  Solaris, SunOS, Linux, DEC OSF, HP-UX, Irix, AIX and MacOS-X. Please also check the general system requirements for further details.

Installing the BSCW server software under Unix

To install the server software under Unix, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Install the web server (Apache Server, version 2.4).
  2. Install the Python interpreter: Python for Unix (version 2.7).
  3. Install the BSCW server software for Unix. The software is available via download.
Note: Additional information regarding the installation of the BSCW server software under Unix can be found in the administrator's manual (Documentation) and also in the notes for operation under Unix and for updating an existing BSCW installation.

Important Information

To take advantage of the WebDAV functionality within BSCW, an Apache HTTP server is required. The Apache HTTP server is copyrighted, but distributed under an open source licence making it free to use. It can be downloaded from the Apache HTTP Server Project web site. Python is also copyrighted, but distributed under an open source licence making it free to use. It can be downloaded from the Python web site.

BSCW requires the Python crypt module. On some systems, this module is not installed by default. Thus, if you receive a 'No module named crypt' error, you must enable the crypt module in the Modules/Setup menu and rebuild Python.

Copyright Notices

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