System Requirements

The BSCW shared workspace system facilitates an effortless exchange of information within shared workspaces. Efficient access is made possible thanks to an intuitive, browser-based user interface. The foundation of the BSCW system is the BSCW server, which uses a database to manage all documents, users and access rights.

Client (End User) System Requirements

End users directly access the data they need to complete their tasks through their web browser, making it fast and easy. As a result, the system requirements are minimal:
  • Current standard Web browser: e.g. Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (Mac)
  • JavaScript (required)
  • Some optional features require JavaTM  (Java plugin version 1.7 or later)
  • Platforms: Windows PC, Unix/Linux, MacOS
  • Alternative access through WebDAV applications and MS Office
  • No additional software installation is necessary.

Server Platform System Requirements

The BSCW server software supports numerous server platforms and is simple to install. Minimal maintenance is required, guaranteeing cost-effective deployment. The system requirements are as follows:
  • UNIX/Linux, e.g. Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, BSD
  • WindowsTM operating system: Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Apache Web server (version 2.4) or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS7, IIS8, or IIS10)
  • external SMTP server on UNIX/Windows or local SMTP server (e.g., postfix/sendmail on UNIX) required for mail delivery
Software packages required for installation:
  • Python Runtime Environment - version 2.7
    ( , open source)
  • On a Windows Server environment, the Python for Windows extensions are additionally required - Build#214 or later is needed
  • The index-based full text search (optional) additionally requires the PyLucene software (version 3.6)
A supplementary database is not required.
The server platform hardware resources depend on the number of users and server load. The following example is a BSCW server configured with enough capacity to service around 200 users:
  • Intel Core/Xeon or AMD A-series/OpteronTM (>3.2 GHz) based 64bit server system, at least 4 cores
  • 8 GB RAM, min. 500 GB HDD
Access to the server is through a web browser (or other clients such as WebDAV Explorer or MS Office) exclusively using HTTP protocol (port 80) or via an SSL connection (port 443).

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