Services and Pricing

OrbiTeam offers two models for licensing the BSCW system

In principle, customers can either outsource the operation of the BSCW server to OrbiTeam or set up their own in-house BSCW server. With the in-house option, the BSCW system resides within your enterprise network (or a third-party provider network). If you choose to outsource the BSCW solution to OrbiTeam, the BSCW server resides in our data centre and is accessed via the Internet.


BSCW Hosting:


In-house Server:


BSCW hosting is a particularly attractive alternative for small workgroups, enabling them to take advantage of full groupware functionality without investing in their own IT infrastructure. With this option, the customer's BSCW software resides on a server hosted and maintained by OrbiTeam.


For larger workgroups, the installation of the BSCW software on an in-house server is worth considering. You can install the server software on your own system and assume responsibility for running it.




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