As an IT enterprise, OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG is engaged in both product development and project activities. The company pursues not only basic research work that yields new underlying technologies over the medium term, but also applied research that leads to customer-based solutions in the short term. The following is an overview of several customer projects. 

Online platform for secure collaboration in clinical development

e.tract is a web-based online platform for secure collaboration of all partners in clinical trials. The software simplifies editing, sharing, tracking and archiving of study documents. Central domains of this platform are individually structured workspaces and an electronic Trial Master File - eTMF. The system, which is developed in close cooperation with the CRO specialist Sacura GmbH is based on OrbiTeam's document management and collaboration platform BSCW.

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Putting research into practice

Over the past several years, OrbiTeam has participated in various research projects that resulted in the joint development of new technologies, methods and systems with internationally-recognised research partners. These projects yielded innovative concepts that were implemented on a prototype basis and also tested in the field. In addition to acquiring additional know-how and experience, OrbiTeam incorporated some of the results into its own products.

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Content Management and Groupware Integration

OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG, together with the web design and programming agency avaris | godot based in Bonn, Germany, integrated the Administrator content management system into the BSCW groupware platform. This integration enables the optimal maintenance and updating of web presences.

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Image Database

OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG developed a fully web-based image database for managing and indexing digital images. The system is highlighted by its ease-of-use and comprehensive functionality, enabling companies to efficiently manage digital images.

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