Product Information

The BSCW shared workspace system facilitates the effortless exchange of information within shared workspaces from any location and at any time. This makes BSCW the ideal tool for platform-independent and enterprise-wide collaboration.

BSCW: overviewBSCW is based on the concept of self-administered workgroups and flexible, role-based access management. Users can store documents, coordinate appointments with partners and manage projects.

BSCW offers various mechanisms for document transfer, structured document storage, multifaceted document management functions and a multilanguage user interface.

BSCW bridges the gap between geographically dispersed workgroups, enabling efficient collaboration beyond the borders of the enterprise. Various mechanisms for viewing user activities make all processes transparent, ensuring that participants are always working at the same information level.

Teamwork with BSCW – simple, versatile and flexible

  • Intuitive
  • Individually configurable
  • Works with any web browser
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Supports a wide variety of server platforms 

Centralized document management

  • Easily store and work on documents from any location, at any time
  • Create and lock documents with version management
  • Review or tag documents
  • E-mail documents as links or attachments
  • Quickly access information through BSCW database and full-text searches

Self-organized workgroups

  • Quickly add members without red tape
  • Register new members with no administrative effort
  • Set up and jointly manage workspaces beyond the borders of the location and the organization
  • Work with unlimited numbers of internal and external partners
  • Protected information areas

Always up-to-date

  • Continuous overview of your team activities and workflows
  • Event histories and daily notifications (e.g. via e-mail)
  • Notifications via RSS feeds
  • Configure reminders for important meetings

Organize and manage projects

  • Suitable for any business or industry
  • Work on tasks within the team
  • Continuous access to all project data
  • Controlled access to rights and roles
  • Automatic event reports
  • Detailed change logs

Meeting and reminder functions

  • Personal meeting/appointment calendars
  • Workgroup calendars
  • Reminder functions
  • Tag documents for follow-up

Contact lists

  • Organize contacts in the personal address book
  • Workgroup contact lists
  • Directly contact members in the work area

Gather opinions

  • Internal and external surveys
  • Streamline the decision process through polling
  • Coordinate meeting schedules
  • Within the team and external

Communicate and discuss

  • Discuss project contributions
  • Discussion forums and blogs
  • Wikis
  • Public areas and communities


Additional information is available by downloading the product flyer:

PDF BSCW Flyer (English, pdf, ~500 KB)


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BSCW is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises looking to improve their communications infrastructure.