Surveys, polls and scheduling within the workgroup

AbstimmungConducting polls within your workgroup is simple with BSCW. This allows you to quickly and easily obtain opinions in preparation for making decisions.

Surveys permit you to anonymously query external participants so that you can address a larger audience such as your customers. Surveys can also be incorporated into web pages and adapted for display purposes.

Conducting a survey and evaluating the results is a straightforward process regardless of the situation. Surveys and polls consist of questions for which one or more answers are allowed. Design a custom survey and determine which answers are mandatory.

PollA survey targets either the members of a workspace or the public. Polls target specific users and persons who are identified by their e-mail address. Questions can be responded to only during the scheduled timeframe. A key difference between the two approaches is that with surveys, the respondents answer the questions anonymously. When conducting a poll however, the respondents are identified by name. That means everyone involved in the poll is aware of how each of the participants responded.

Meeting and appointment scheduling

PollCoordinating schedules with colleagues is a simple task with BSCW. To schedule a meeting, you can suggest several dates/times. Invitees then receive an e-mail asking them to indicate their preference. The system analyses the responses to determine the date/time that suits the majority of the participants. In addition to BSCW members, you can also invite external persons. To coordinate their participation, they simply click on the link in the e-mail. 

Survey results can be displayed in the aggregate during and after the survey as percentage figures or in graphical form. Poll results can be viewed alongside, including individual responses. Results can also be exported for further processing, including survey results in the form of anonymous individual responses.

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