Meta Data


meta data Put information in context - meta data to the rescue

Document management with BSCW permits documents to be enhanced with metadata, which enables them to be classified and located according to more than just name and content. This leads to sustainable document management processes. Apart from conventional metadata such as description, author or document type, all documents can be assigned tags, notes and ratings.

BSCW features integrated tag support on all shareable objects. Users can easily tag documents, folders or blog entries. Tags are simplified keywords – blank separated and lower case free text keywords – that are displayed in folder lists in the description of each tagged object.

Tags allow users to mark objects with specific keywords in order to find related objects. BSCW provides an integrated tag search for this purpose. Clicking on a tag in the description of an object initiates a tag search, which then lists all objects in the current workspace that are tagged with the same keyword.

User defined meta data profiles

Meta DataMetadata attributes of an object may be summarized in a meta­data profile. BSCW comes with pre-configured meta­data profiles to be used out-of-the-box. Administrators may customise the meta­data profiles for their user's standard use cases. In addition, users may define their own custom metadata profiles and assign them to documents or other objects.

Metadata attributes have a name and a data type (such as text or date) and can be structured into groups within a profile. For most of the object types in BSCW (such as folders or documents) there are predefined system profiles. You may create your own metadata profiles on the basis of the given system profiles and store these profiles for further use in template folders.

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