Installation Support

OrbiTeam Customer Service

Installation and Operation

OrbiTeam offers a full range of services for your BSCW system, from installation assistance and complete management of your server to customized configuration and upgrade services.  For a detailed proposal, send a short list of your requirements to One of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

BSCW Carefree — Our Comprehensive Service Package

The BSCW carefree service package can be purchased with the acquisition of a BSCW licence. It bundles all the services you need to get your BSCW system up and running quickly and easily:

  • Installation of the BSCW server software (one day, on-site)
  • Administrator training (one day, on-site)
  • User training (one day, on-site)

BSCW carefree can be invoiced in conjunction with the acquisition of a new BSCW server license and is available at the special price of 2,490.00 €.

The price is exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT), travel costs and the BSCW server licence fee.