Why does MS Word mark a document as read-only when it is downloaded from a BSCW server?

This depends on the version of MS Office used as well as on the configuration of your BSCW server. Recent versions of BSCW allow direct editing of documents using MS Office. Please contact your local BSCW administrator if this feature is available on your BSCW server.

In case the direct editing of documents using MS Office is not available on your BSCW server, a Word document that is downloaded from a BSCW server and opened with the MS Word application may be marked as read-only (because Word realized that this document came from a web resource and Word can not save it back to this web resource). If you want to edit the document, you have to save it locally on your PC ('save as') and replace or revise the corresponding BSCW document on the BSCW server when you have finished editing. 

Keywords: MS Office, editing documents,  Word documents,  read-only