Translations for BSCW 5.0

BSCW Language Extensions for Version 5.0

The BSCW System is available in 20 different languages.

Note: The official BSCW software distribtution already contains resources for four different languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Below you find further language resources you may install with your BSCW server.

Adding New Languages

Extensions for a variety of other languages and BSCW versions are available. To add a new language to the BSCW server, select the appropriate language from the list below and follow the installation instructions once the download is complete.

Note: End users should configure their language preference in their browser. BSCW will automatically switch to the language preferred.

Available Language Versions

The following is a list of the available language versions for the current BSCW version 5.0:


Please note that some of the language extensions are not completely translated. They will still function with the BSCW server however. Any information that is not translated will simply be displayed in English.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of the following translators who generously put their work in the public domain:

Aymeric Poulain Maubant, Jipo, Brest, France
François-Marie Blondel, INRP, France
Anna Grabowska, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland
Andras Lukacs, WBPMU, Budapest, Hungaria
Jan Broos, Janine Bader, Gerad Blijker, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan Halter, Netherlands
Bruno Emans, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, project ITCOLE
Daniela Mencarelli and Simon Wieser, Zurich, Switzerland
Mauro Massaro, University of Rome, Italy, project ITCOLE
Carles Giménez and David Ayala, Unitat Informática del Departament de la Presidència de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain
Miquel Colomer, University of Barcelona, Spain
Leandro Navarro Moldes, Maria Clara Rozo and Josep Turro, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Mildred Sarmiento Meneses, edeb‚ digital, Barcelona, Spain
Denise Lima, Luiz Manoel Cunha, Suzi Carneiro and Paulo César de Oliveira, Embrapa Information Technology, Brasil
Nektarios Mamalougos, University of Athens, Greece, project ITCOLE
Tänis Kelder, Tiina Kikerpill and Merik Meriste, University of Tartu Academia Dorpatensis, Estonia
Keiichi Nakata, University of Tokyo, Japan, courtesy of OrbiTeam Software
Leonid Pesin, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany, courtesy of FernUniversität Hagen, project ILSO
Orla Møller, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Magnus Fant, Alkit Communications, Luleå, Sweden, and Johnny Jacobsson, SNIC, Umeå, Sweden

We would be very pleased to hear from people interested in translating the BSCW interface to other languages — please e-mail us at