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BSCW Desktop Uploader

Note: The uploader described below can only be used with BSCW servers up to version 4.3. Since Version 4.4 the installation of an uploader — with extended functionality — is integrated in BSCW. The procedure described below does not work with BSCW 4.4!

The BSCW Desktop Uploader is a standalone application that supports convenient document upload 

The BSCW Desktop Uploader is an optional extension to BSCW and can be used for convenient upload of local documents to any shared workspace on your favourite BSCW server (up to version 4.3). The application is available for download and local installation on PC and Unix systems.

Note: The BSCW Desktop Uploader requires Java version 1.4
(We suggest JRE 1.4 or JRE 1.5 — the installer does currently not support JRE 1.6) 



The BSCW Desktop Uploader supports:

  • multiple file upload
  • drag and drop of files into the upload window
  • upload of folders as single files or compressed archive
  • specification of the document type before upload
  • specification of a description for each document
  • progress bar for feedback of upload status
  • multi-lingual user interface
  • automatic registration as helper application on Windows
  • HTTP proxy servers
  • HTTP/1.1 (virtual hosts)
  • HTTPS (SSL) — secure file upload
  • command line interface for automated document upload

User Interface

The BSCW Desktop Uploader provides an intuitive graphical user interface. Simply choose the documents to transfer from your local folder hierarchy and provide description and remote name before you upload them to your BSCW server.

BSCW Desktop Uploader

Please click on the screenshot for an enlarged view.


Download of BSCW Desktop Uploader:


Once you've downloaded the installer file, please execute the installer and follow the platform specific hints provided by the installer (e.g. choose local installation directory). 


After download and installation you need to:
  1. configure your Web browser to launch the file upload helper (this is done automatically on Windows platforms upon first start of the uploader application),
  2. configure your BSCW account to use the upload helper.
Note: Activate the file upload helper in BSCW by selecting
  [Options > Peferences]
  [x] Use file upload helper


After successful configuration of BSCW Desktop Uploader, the application shall automatically be started whenever you select to add a new document to your BSCW server (by choosing File > New > Document from the top menu).

For further configuration hints please check the readme file that is provided with the BSCW Desktop Uploader application (in the installation directory).

Command line interface

In order to use the command line interface for automated document upload, you may invoke one of the provided script files (Unix: upload.sh — Windows: upload.bat) in the installation directory of the uploader application. Simply invoke the script from the command line and provide the required arguments:

> upload [-v] -server http://bscw-server/bscw/bscw.cgi [ -loc ] -auth username:password filename1.ext filename2.ext ...


The BSCW Desktop Uploader requires a Java compatible platform.
We currently provide installers for the following platforms:

  • Windows: 98/NT/2000/XP
  • Unix: Solaris/Linux/other Unix
The BSCW Desktop Uploader requires a Java virtual machine (JVM) of version 1.4 or later (J2SE JDK/JRE 1.4) and approximately 2 MB disk space. During the installation a search for installed JVMs will be performed. You must choose a matching JVM (version 1.4 or higher).