BSCW Professional licences

BSCW Professional

The BSCW Professional license model permits commercial use of the BSCW software by companies, government groups, research institutes and other organisations. In contrast to the BSCW Free version, BSCW Professional includes technical support and an extended feature set.

Extended feature set

BSCW Professional enhances the BSCW Free version through the following functions:

  • Personal portal and widgets
  • File synchronisation (case)
  • Outlook synchronisation (appointments and contacts)
  • Key management and document encryption
  • Restriction of user disk resources (quota)
  • Appointment scheduling and voting
  • RSS news folders
  • Workflows: task and project management and circulation folders

The BSCW Professional license comes with continuous technical support and upgrade service during the license period.

Special conditions

Schools and universities may upgrade to BSCW Professional by acquiring a low-priced Campus license. Government,  non-profit and research organisations may qualify to receive special conditions when licensing the BSCW software (Government license). Please contact us if you think your organisation might be eligible. Below you will find several  pricing models, including the corresponding fees. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a firm offer.