BSCW hosting

Rent your own BSCW server

BSCW Hosting Solution

For customers who are unable or unwilling to operate their own server, OrbiTeam offers a hosting solution (also known as Software as a Service - SaaS - or Application Service Provision - ASP). This solution essentially involves leasing the centrally-located software via the Internet. The BSCW application is provided on an outsourcing basis and is delivered as a service via the web. OrbiTeam is the ASP partner.

You and your employees have access to all software functions via a web browser. No additional software is required. In its role as service provider, OrbiTeam is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the BSCW system software and applications.

Customer Advantages

  • Immediate access (no server installation required)
  • Predictable cost structure (no hidden hardware or maintenance costs)
  • Minimal technical effort (all that is required is a telephone call or an e-mail to get started)

Target Customers

This is an ideal solution for small companies, start-ups or distributed project groups. In general, BSCW hosting is the right choice for organisations that lack the required infrastructure or resources to operate their own BSCW server. 

Hosting Options

OrbiTeam offers two options for BSCW hosting:

Feature Set

The following services are included in both BSCW hosting options:

  • Provision and maintenance of the BSCW server infrastructure
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of the BSCW software
  • 1 Gbit/s Internet access to the BSCW server
  • Provision of the most recent version of the BSCW software
  • 2 GB disk space per user
  • Secure server connection using SSL technology (https)
  • Daily data backup
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • User support