Operating BSCW on Windows

Operating a BSCW system on Windows

From a user perspective, there is no difference between Unix and Windows when using the BSCW system. However, there are differences in configuring and administering the Windows version. It is therefore recommended that system administrators read the information provided below.

Note:  Below are some general hints on installation and operation of BSCW servers. Further details are provided in the  Administrator Manual which should be read when installing a BSCW server.


The BSCW server should run out of the box without any further configuration. The system allows you to set various configuration parameters. As with the Unix version, configuring your BSCW server on Windows requires editing a number of configuration files (see the admin manual for details). Most changes in the configuration files take immediate effect.

In case of any configuration problems you can instruct BSCW to check the configuration by invoking the command

> cd C:\BSCW\srv\[hostname]
> bin\bsadmin chkconfig


All BSCW server datasets are stored in, and administered by, the BSCW database. The BSCW database server is administered via command line with the bsadmin script, which is located in the BSCW instance directory. The BSCW server can be administered by executing the bsadmin script from a DOS shell as follows:

> cd c:\BSCW\srv\[hostname]
> bin\bsadmin start
        starts the BSCW-Server
> bin\bsadmin stop 
           stops the BSCW-Server
> bin\bsadmin garbage 
        runs the garbage collector (the database server must be running)
> bin\bsadmin
        shows further commands.

It is suggested to start the BSCW-Server automatically (upon system boot). To achieve this install BSCW as Windows service (which is recommended during the installation). It is strongly recommended that you run garbage collection on a daily basis.

Web Server Configuration  (IIS/Apache HTTP)

The BSCW installation procedure will automatically configure the IIS web server, is active on the system. The BSCW server requires several directory mappings in your web server. These mappings depend on the BSCW server configuration. The required directory mappings are set and configured automatically by the BSCW Server for Windows installation program. In addition, they can be updated manually by using the following script:

> cd C:\BSCW\srv\[hostname]
> bin\bsadmin conf_iis

You may also operate BSCW Server for Window with an Apache Web server. The configuration is generated similar to the Unix based system by using the following script:

> bin\bsadmin conf_apache


To ensure the BSCW system is completely removed during de-installation, please heed the following advice:

  • Stop the BSCW service resp. run "bsadmin stop"
  • Delete the complete BSCW instance directory (including all data!), f.e. "C:\BSCW\srv\[hostname]"
  • Start the uninstaller in the systems control panel.
  • Remove the virtual BSCW directories from your web server configuration.