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BSCW 5.1 - What's new?

The most important changes in BSCW version 5.1

preview Document preview and content view of folders

The standard details view on folders was enhanced by a new content view which may be activated optionally. The content view offers more information on the content of an object entry, e.g., for documents a preview and abstract (if available), for contacts and user objects a photograph and for folders the names of the objects contained. BSCW displays a preview of the document, which you may also enlarge - just position your cursor over the object type icon of a document in a folder listing!


The new microblogging feature supports the exchange of short text messages, which are displayed in chronological order. BSCW events are additionally included into microblogging. Microblogs may be focused on single users, members of a workspace or your entire so­cial network, i.e. all users who you work with in shared workspaces. Be aware about what's up a click away.

review Document review

Document review is used in the production of documents that have to meet a certain quality standard. After uploading a document it is reviewed by one or more persons re­sponsible and eventually it is released or rejected. In BSCW, you may define your own document reviewing process for single documents or entire folders by speci­fying review steps and the persons responsible. 

metadata User-defined metadata

Metadata attributes of an object may be summarized in a meta­data profile. Metadata attri­butes have a name and a data type (such as text or date) and can be structured into groups within a profile. For most of the object types in BSCW (such as folders or documents) there are predefined system profiles. You may create your own metadata profiles on the basis of the given system profiles and store these profiles for further use in template folders.

search Revised search function

The BSCW search function was revised and made much simpler. The easy-to-use dynamic search form makes construction of a complex query a snap. Consequently, there is just one single search form for entering your queries. Queries to the Google search engine are no longer supported.

newAlternative User Interface

We now offer a new (optional) alternative and simple user interface allowing easy access to the most basic features of BSCW to users who only sporadically login to BSCW. The easy-to-use user interface is restricted to essential functions like navi­ga­tion, creation and deletion of documents and folders as well as searching.

Further enhancements

The navigation shortcut button is now always accessible remaining on the same spot of the browser window, even if the window is scrolled. The online status has been extended to let users indicate their online status. A new popup window provides instant information about other users such as contact data and access to the full user profile.

More enhancements in short:
  • Communities: the user's home folder now also includes all communities a user is member of.
  • You may choose to include versions when archiving workspaces (ZIP/TAR archives).
  • You may now freeze documents as well as folders.
  • A comprehensive access control matrix is provided.
  • The PDF export feature in calendars now supports weekly and list views.
  • Polls may be structured using headings and descriptions.
  • The integrated HTML editor features a new snapshot feature ('auto-save').
  • Objects may be directly moved instead of being cut and pasted.
  • Website folders feature gallery views and a comment feature.
  • The "New Workspace" action was enhanced (e.g. to include option "templates").
  • The synchronization briefcase provides a new option to choose synchronisation details per folder.

More changes

Some BSCW functions have gone: the Document Generator is replaced by the improved Website Folder, the Event Monitor made way for Microblogging and the BSCW Desktop client is no longer offered at the user inter­face. The user interface without JavaScript no longer meets mo­dern user interface requirements and thus had to leave us, i.e. usage of BSCW requires the activation of JavaScript in your browser.

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