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BSCW 5.1 Release

OrbiTeam is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the BSCW server software: With BSCW version 5.1 a new "major release" is now available: This major release of the BSCW groupware includes numerous new features and improvements for even more efficient team work. Read more about the most important changes in BSCW 5.1 and register for an online trial now. You may also download and install the software on your system for evaluation: BSCW 5.1 is available for Unix and Windows server platforms.

Improved Collaboration Support

The new version BSCW 5.1 focusses on improved support of team work: optimized overviews of shared documents and folders and even better coordination in your teams. Have a look at documents without having to open them and implement your own document review process. Use the new microblog to directly contact your team members.

The new version of BSCW includes a new document preview feature and content view of folders, a completely revised search function, a new document review feature and a new microblogging component supporting instant team communication and improved awareness of other users' activities. Finally, user-defined metadata were extended by the concept of metadata profiles which allow users to define their own sets of metadata for a group of objects. Read more about the most important changes in BSCW 5.1!

More Changes and Enhancements

Other important enhancements of BSCW 5.1 include a complete revision of all e-mail notifications: a modern look & feel of e-mail notifications as well as the option to choose among daily and weekly notifications about changes in shared workspaces. The overview of access rights has been improved by a new function that shows all assigned roles and rights in a comprehensive access control matrix. The option to freeze documents in order to prevent further changes can now be applied to complete folders. Finally the administrator's life becomes easier, e.g. by an improved command line interface (CLI).

Availability of the New Version of BSCW

You may download and install BSCW 5.1, so that administrators can now install the new version on your own in-house server (the server software is available for Windows and Unix servers). Of course,we we encourage administrators of existing BSCW servers to upgrade their production BSCW instances to the new final production version of BSCW 5.1.

Alternatively you may contact us if you want to use our BSCW cloud services! Finally, anyone interested is invited to take a look at the software. You may easily test-drive the software and register on our demo server. We are of course interested in your feedback!

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