Application Areas

What Does BSCW Have to Offer?

The BSCW software provides a full range of groupware services that enable project teams to quickly and easily collaborate using digital media (documents, notes, blogs). All information resides on a central server accessible through either the Internet or an intranet. BSCW features access rights management to control each individual user's access to the respective information.

Versatile Range of Applications

Thanks to its broad range of functionality, BSCW can be deployed across a variety of industries. Whether it's a construction engineer managing a complex building project, an IT company that needs to document its software, a research team coordinating an international R&D project or a professor who wants to disseminate lecture material to a group of students, BSCW can benefit any organization.

BSCW boasts an extensive set of features that includes:

  • Document management
  • Self-organised workgroups
  • Project management and coordination
  • Meeting and appointment scheduling

Feature-rich Functionality

In contrast to conventional document management systems, BSCW is far more feature-rich. Apart from comprehensive document management functions, BSCW offers numerous other functions that permit efficient collaboration in dynamic workgroups. Automatic notifications keep users up to speed on new developments and activities in their workspace. Team members share opinions in discussion forums and blogs. Users post documents with personalised annotations. Surveys are initiated to determine opinions about specific topics. With BSCW, contact lists and appointment schedules are always up-to-date and available to all team members.

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BSCW is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises looking to improve their communications infrastructure.